Cash Balance vs 401(k) Plan

What's the Difference Between a Cash Balance and 401(k) Plan?

A Cash Balance plan is a type of retirement plan that belongs to the same general class of plans known as "Qualified Plans." A 401(k) is a qualified plan. These plans "qualify" for tax deferral and creditor protection under ERISA.

In a Cash Balance Plan each participant has an account. The account grows annually in two ways: first, a contribution and second, an interest credit, which is guaranteed rather than being dependent on the plan's investment performance.

Many owners and partners are looking for larger tax deductions and accelerated retirement savings. Cash Balance Plans may be the perfect solution for them. The 2006 Pension Protection Act (PPA) and the Cash Balance regulations issued in 2010 and 2014 have made these plans even more flexible and easier to administer, making them increasingly popular choice for successful business owners.

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